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The Next Era. Transforming Cabrini Malvern

Demand for Cabrini’s care is increasing - we expect to manage 150,000 admissions per year, focussing on conditions of ageing, cancer, cardiac and orthopaedic care.

The transformation of the Malvern hospital is the most significant project ever undertaken by Cabrini worldwide. It will only be possible with significant philanthropic investment from forward thinking donors – families keen to make their mark on this prestigious, high profile project.

"The Alan, Ada and Eva Selwyn Emergency Department is the heart of our community. We treat more than 25,000 patients every year through the Emergency Department.
Support from the Selwyn family ensures we can continue to provide vital care and urgent medical attention, in the very best facilities."

Sue Williams, Chief Executive Cabrini Australia


Honouring 20 Years of Giving - Alan, Ada and Eva Selwyn

The Selwyn family’s philanthropic journey with Cabrini has been long and extremely generous, saving countless lives and bringing the very best in care to so many.

Eva Selwyn speaks to the values instilled by her parents:

“My parents, Alan and Ada were very fortunate to have been in a position of being able and willing to give to many people and philanthropic causes over their lifetimes. These spanned many diverse areas: including the arts, numerous educational and medical causes, including the establishment of a Chair of Medical Research and a laboratory in Clinical Infertility and Molecular Medicine in Israel and many welfare and cultural initiatives and philanthropic efforts, both here in Australia and overseas.

I am very honoured to have our family name associated with the Endowed Chair of Colorectal Research at Cabrini, which was a very important area of interest for my late father, as I carry on that support.

I was taught by my parents to always ‘give back’ and I am blessed to continue that legacy.

Cabrini Malvern is, and has always been, such an important part of our lives and I am thrilled to be able pursue my relationship with my ‘Cabrini Family’.

Cabrini is such a wonderful and important institution. This will continue with ‘The Next Era’ redevelopment of the Malvern hospital. For me, the Emergency Department is so significant and I am very proud to carry on this legacy in our family name. The Alan, Ada and Eva Selwyn Emergency Department will always remain the centre and heart of the hospital in its care of, and devotion to, patients and their families.”

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