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Let’s Beat Bowel Cancer

Let’s Beat Bowel Cancer (LBBC) is a not-for-profit initiative of Cabrini Health that raises funds to improve the life of Australians with bowel cancer.

Initiatives include research, medical advancements, screening and prevention and raising public awareness, aimed at lowering incidence and deaths from bowel cancer and improving the quality of life of patients with bowel cancer.

As LBBC does not receive any government funding we are reliant on the generosity of our benefactors to ensure we are able to continue to grow and extend our research and early intervention programs. Australia has one of the highest incidence rates of bowel cancer in the world, and bowel cancer continues to be a major public health issue and the reason our early intervention and research programs remain so vital.

"Cabrini treats more patients with bowel cancer than any other private or public hospital in Victoria, so we are uniquely placed at the forefront for vital clinical research into Australia’s second leading cancer killer. Funds raised for Let’s Beat Bowel Cancer are crucial to allowing us to conduct this research which improves the health outcomes of our patients and the community."

Professor Paul McMurrick MBBS (HONS) FRACS FASCRS Alan, Ada, and Eva Selwyn Endowed Chair: Colorectal Cancer Research
Head, Cabrini Monash University Department of Surgery Chairman, Let’s Beat Bowel Cancer

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To find out more about how you can support Let’s Beat Bowel Cancer, contact Kate Nixon, Events and Partnerships Manager on 03 9508 1386 or visit www.letsbeatbowelcancer.com.au