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Critical Research

Cabrini Research has been at the forefront of innovation for more than 25 years.

Our highly-skilled academic and clinician researchers work together to tackle the greatest challenges in healthcare and improve the lives of our patients and community. Our investigators work across the entire trajectory of research from laboratory discovery to preclinical models, clinical trials and implementation into practice.

Today, Cabrini Research is home to multiple research departments that are closely aligned with key clinical services Cabrini provides to our community.

With your generous support, our breakthroughs continue to save countless lives in the areas of cancer, cardiovascular, mental health, critical care medicine, translational, precision medicine and health informatics research and make significant improvements in how we deliver healthcare in the modern age.

"Without research we are condemning tomorrow’s generation to today’s treatments."

Professor Gary Richardson OAM -
Group Director, Cabrini Research


Neil's visionary thinking will ensure a future of groundbreaking medical oncology research at Cabrini

“We need to take these giant leaps in cancer research discovery if we are to make significant steps forward in finding new treatments for patients"

Neil Beauglehall was a great Aussie battler, who came from humble beginnings. A tough but fair man, Neil wasn’t afraid of hard work and over the span of 50 years built a transport empire that ultimately allowed him to give back to others.

He was also a visionary man.

After being diagnosed with oesophageal cancer,  Neil knew his time was limited and wanted to put in place a legacy to help researchers find a cure to this dreaded disease.

While undergoing treatment, Neil pledged to donate from his estate to Cabrini to establish a prestigious Endowed Chair position for medical oncology research. Not bound to a particular researcher, it will ensure Cabrini will always have a future of highly esteemed leaders and brightest minds in medical oncology research.

This, he hoped, would give others the fighting chance he never had.

Read Neil's full story here

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